Actually Grateful

(The Joys of Sibling Bickering) By the title alone most of you probably think I’ve lost it – ‘How in the world could my children bickering be JOYFUL??’…… Hear me out I was married once before, and my older children live with their dad. So, as you would assume, I share custody, visitation and stuff Read More

Down Home

 A lazy afternoon and the kids are flying high on the trampoline as Dad and I rest on the patio swing – if only for a moment. The yard work is done and the final touches to dinner are simmering on the stove. But, as a day’s work is never done, there was still lawn Read More

Through the Window

“Some days I wish I could go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice”
-anonymous Read More

Myrtle Beach Bound

The First Get-Away The first get-away and we were booking it! It had been a little more than two years since we had gone anywhere other than to work, to church, to the store, back home. The windows of our rental were down, and the Beach Boys in the speakers – yes I know, cliché Read More

Dancing In the Rain

Spring is in full effect and darn near over. Schools everywhere have come to the end of another year as parents far and wide embark on the annual task of figuring out WHAT TO DO FOR SUMMER…. dum, dum, duuuum. For us as adults it’s just another day… week… month… year. I’m sure many of Read More